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Ardell Lights & Brights Hair Color Enhancer
Ardell Lights & Brights Hair Color Enhancer
Ardell Lights & Brights Hair Color Enhancer
Item#: albhce

Product Description
by: Ardell
size: 44 mL / 1.5 fl oz
qty: 1 single use packette

Temporary or Semi Permanent

No Peroxide
No Ammonia
No Damage

Safe after relaxers, Safe after perms

Dramatic Color, Impeccable Shine and Exceptional Manageability

The ideal solution for dull, dry, damaged hair

  • Vibrant Red on Medium Brown to Black hair
  • Enhances red tints
  • Adds shimmering red highlights
  • Use in-between touch-ups to refresh red shades

  • Clear:
  • For all hair types and hair color where no color change is desired.
  • To dilute the intensity of other Lights & Brights colors
  • As a filler (apply before any hair color to even out color from roots to ends)

    1. Apply to shampoo, towel dried hair.
    2. Knead packette before application.
    3. Apply petroleum jelly around hairline
    4. Use caution with clothes and surroundings.
    5. Wear plastic gloves to prevent staining.
    6. Work color into hair from scalp through ends.
    7. For damaged hair, do not pull through to the ends until the last 5 minutes.
    8. Cover hair with a plastic cap and process for the desired time (see processing instructions).
    9. After the desired color has been achieved, shampoo, rinse, and style.